On top of that, there are numerous dynamic effects and small animations that hint at the daring personality of the artist. The layout is clean; the content is broken into blocks; works are presented as high-quality photos with dynamic effects. Nevertheless, the idea is ingenious, and the portfolio perfectly reflects the unique vision and talent of the duo. Based in New York, Jena has been passionate about logos, typography, and branding. Her design portfolio website is minimalistic, with lots of white space and a simple color scheme. Showing a large number of projects can be a challenge on portfolio websites.

web designer portfolio

However, it’s much more likely that it will be a recruiter, a marketing manager, a CEO, or even someone from human resources. The bottom line here is that if the reader has no design experience, all the extra work you invested will be lost on them. As with any tool, budget is a major factor when choosing a portfolio website.

You X portfolio

It’s always a plus to show how you solve problems and the thinking that goes on behind a design, and this portfolio gives plenty of insights into Colin’s work. Copy is certainly one option—just make sure you strike the right balance; visitors should recognize right away what you’re capable of without it being buried in unmoving blocks of content. A designer needs the ability to talk with a company about what they want, ask questions about the intended audience, and convey their ideas for an effective site. Being able to communicate is just the start, companies want a responsive designer too. A responsive designer keeps a company informed, explains issues as they arise, and discusses deadlines.

It’s a free template that comes with most of the features you’ll need to make a portfolio website. It comes with tons of free portfolio website templates compatible with different page builders. You can quickly build your dream website using the free template in minutes. Starter Templates is a popular WordPress plugin trusted by over 1+ million users to design their websites.

Top web design portfolio to display the complete process of projects

The use of horizontal scrolling, the heavy use of grid lines, and the main navigation displayed as a table of contents make this portfolio look like a magazine. You feel like you’re going through a special edition on Arizio’s creativity, filled with large typefaces and gorgeous project presentations. Arizio developed his website in collaboration with Romain Avalle, a highly-skilled freelance interactive developer.

web designer portfolio

Your Contact page is possibly one of the most important components of your design portfolio site. Without it, you may lose prospects simply because they couldn’t figure out how to get in touch with you. That being said, your Contact page is possibly the easiest page to design among all your other pages. It’s basically just a landing page, and the more minimalistic it is, the better.

Ideal web design portfolio for sharing product design process

The next couple of sections outline workplace and technical skills that you can expand upon as an aspiring web designer. For those exploring this job opportunity, there isn’t just growth in the field but good wages as well. The median annual pay for a web designer in the US is $64,209 [3]. This figure includes an average base salary of $59,317 per year and a median additional pay of $4,892 annually. Additional pay insights may include commissions, profit-sharing, and bonuses.

Along with design and writing, she loves to explore the interplay between type and content. Her portfolio website work is neatly displayed in a grid-style gallery. Branding and Packaging Designer, Marcus Artis’s online https://wizardsdev.com/en/vacancy/middle-web-designer/ portfolio website is straight-to-the-point. Marcus makes a great first impression with strong, vivid use of his own branding. His portfolio website has simple, full image galleries that are easy to browse.

Ruler Digital Agency

If you take a look at their navigation menu, it also boasts some unusual yet beautiful hover effects on the menu items. His website does exactly what we mentioned earlier about the designer showing their thought process and design workflow that take place throughout their projects. Each section of the homepage communicates the necessary content, including the design tools he most commonly uses for his web design projects. He works specifically with Squarespace— so he helps companies and startups take a Squarespace template to the next level. Digital landscapes grow more and more sophisticated day by day, requiring even more creativity, professionalism, tenacity, and outside-the-box thinking on programmers’ part.

web designer portfolio

Mike Kus is another real example of a good looking portfolio website. Right click the portfolio section and press the red Delete button. WP Portfolio is a handy WordPress plugin designed to help you create a stunning portfolio in just a few clicks. Choose a page builder that you like to use to design your website.

Personal Portfolio of Surendhar Dheenadayalan

It is an excellent example of using minimal design and development features to maximum effect. The skills, talent, experience, and of course, the sparkling personality of Felix are a big part of what makes his online portfolio work. Each section is spiced up with the artist’s unique personality and devotion to the collage techniques. Everything comes together to show off Sandy’s design skills and talent. First and foremost, ask yourself what works represent your skills and experience the best?

The site is rich with vibrant, often animated project previews, and their liveliness is balanced out with simpler typography. A particularly interesting section is the clients list – as you hover over the names, brand logos appear in the viewport. Charlie’s website starts off with a fullscreen video preview of all the projects he has worked on, leaving a great first impression on viewers. The colorfulness of the intro clashes with the black, grey, and white color palette on the inner pages.

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